• A simple, fun & fair
    game where you
    actually win!

    Built on Polygon blockchain so you can enjoy fast
    transactions and super low fees.

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  • You need MetaMask to Play!
    (Click "Connect" button)

      Quickstart guide:

    • Connect Metamask (Polygon Mainnet)

    • Drag and drop chips into the betting box.

    • Press “Deal Cards” and wait for result.

    • Please be patient, transactions could take longer than usual.

    • Highest card wins!

    • To withdraw your funds & winnings, click “Withdraw My Balance & Winnings”

    • If you are a returning player and need to check your balance, contract balance refreshes after you play 1 game.
  • Learn How to Play & Rules

    • 1) Bet & Card Boxes

      The game board is divided into dealer and player boxes. Drag and drop chips onto the betting area.

    • 2) Highest & Lowest Cards

      Ace is the highest card in the game, 2 is the lowest. Suites do not matter.

    • 3) Highest Card wins

      Cards are dealt to player and dealer. Highest card wins. If dealer card is higher you lose your bet.

    • 4) Multi-Box play

      Play one or both player boxes at the same time. If your card is higher than dealer you win. Your bet value is doubled.

    • 5) Tie - No Hedge Bet

      If you and dealer get same cards and no 'Hedge' bet is placed, you lose 50% of your bet.

    • 6) No Hedge Loss

      If dealer has higher card and you placed a hedge bet, the hedge bet is NOT lost, its simply added to your balance in contract.

    • 7) Tie - Hedge Bet placed

      If you placed a hedge bet and got a tie, cards will be dealt again to resolve tie. If you have highest card you win double and hedge is not lost.

    • 8) Tie - Hedge Bet Loss

      If you placed a hedge bet and got a tie, cards will be dealt again to resolve tie. If dealer has higher card, you lose your bet and hedge.

    • 9) Double tie!

      Well done, you are very lucky! You win double your bet and double hedge value.

  • We believe
    in fairness.

    About Us

    We use Chainlink VRF to generate randomness.
    This randomness is used to determine player and
    dealer cards during each game.

    By using Chainlink VRF the contract guarantees
    provable fairness which cannot be manipulated
    by any third party.

    All player funds and winnings can be withdrawn
    at any time from the contract by clicking
    “Withdraw My Balance & Winnings” from game menu.

  • Here to help!

    For any support please send us an email - [email protected]

    How to play?

      1) Use Chrome browser, Install MetaMask and add Polygon Mainnet (previously know as MATIC) to Metamask.

      2) You need MATIC token to play, swap your current funds to MATIC using Polygon Bridge.

      3) Confirm you have MATIC in your MetaMask wallet and you are now ready to play!

    Why Polygon blockchain?

      Polygon offers faster transaction speeds and very low gas fees compared to Ethereum. This means more of your money can go towards gaming and not gas fees!

    About CryptoBattle

      CryptoBattle is a simple, fun project that we will continue to work on and make improvements! More features coming soon, including full support.

    Is there a house edge or fees?

      There is no house edge and games are purely won by chance. However, in a case of a player & dealer card tie and if no hedge bet is placed, the player does lose 50% of their original bet. To cover cost of hosting and using Chainlink VRF a 10% fee is deducted from all winnings when you withdraw your funds.